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Physician Practice Acquisition Due Diligence Checklist

Posted by Ben Mirza | Jan 26, 2022

When you are looking purchase a physician practice or sell one the buyer needs to understand your business.  Typically the more the buyer understands the business, the better assessment they can make and the smoother the transaction will go.   Here is a typical check list for that:


1.  Review of Corporate Records – Articles of Incorporation, Operating Agreements, Bylaws, Shareholder Roster, Board Meeting Minutes, Shareholder Agreements,

2.  Organizational structures, departments and employees,

 i.  Organizational Chart

ii.  List of all Employees, with compensation, benefits and accrued vacation

3.  Financial Statements, audited financial statements going back at least 3 years;

NOTE:  Copies of All bank statements will help the buyer understand and confirm that the numbers are real.

4.  List of hard assets – furniture, fixtures and equipment,

5.  Copy of all contracts, including

a)  Employment Contracts

b) Management Contracts

c) Equipment leases

d)  Vendor Agreements

e)  Maintenance Agreements

f) Software Agreements

g) Payor Contracts (price lists removed)

h)  Support services (billing, computers, and personnel)

NOTE:  Review check register for prior 6 months to confirm all contracts are accounted for.

NOTE:   Confirm that copies of contracts are fully executed

6.  Payor mix

7.  Copy of Check Register for prior 6 months

8.  Real Estate portfolio – list of properties owned and leased

9.  Copy of all insurance policies

10.  Malpractice history and claims history on all licensed professionals going back 10 years

11.  Regulatory Filings,

12.  Copy of license, permits and certifications

NOTE:  Also include copy of all correspondence for the prior 5 years from licensing/permitting/certification agency

13.  Review of debt instruments/bond covenants,

14.  Current insurance and malpractice history,

15.  Threatened or pending litigation

16.  Staff qualifications

17.  Copies of letters from CMS, OIG, other government agencies for prior 5 years

18. All liens, mortgages, bonds, and UCC Lien filings.

At Mirza Healthcare Law Partners, one of our strengths is conducting Mergers & Acquisitions.  Our attorneys have done mergers and acquisitions and led teams to make the transaction happen.  Whether you need assistance on a large acquisition or a small one, we cater to the needs of the client.   Ask us about our 140 point due diligence checklist!

For more Information either reach out to Ben Mirza at Cell/Text 954-445-5503 or Edward Meyer at Cell/Text 530-313-3173. to Find out more go to: Physician Practice Due Diligence Checklist (

Here is where to go to find the checklist in Word Format: Healthcare Legal Forms (

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