What are physician supervision Notice rules in Florida

To better understand the rules for supervising an EMT or a Paramedic or even an APRN (advanced practice registered nurse), here is what the Florida statute 458.348 says as of January 2024:

The Notice to be sent to the state are set forth in the statute as follows:


(a) When a physician enters into a formal supervisory relationship or standing orders with an emergency medical technician or paramedic licensed pursuant to s. 401.27, which relationship or orders contemplate the performance of medical acts, or when a physician enters into an established protocol with an advanced practice registered nurse, which protocol contemplates the performance of medical acts set forth in s. 464.012(3) and (4), the physician shall submit notice to the board.
The notice shall contain a statement in substantially the following form:

I,   (name and professional license number of physician)  , of   (address of physician)   have hereby entered into a formal supervisory relationship, standing orders, or an established protocol with   (number of persons) emergency medical technician(s),   (number of persons)   paramedic(s), or   (number of persons)   advanced practice registered nurse(s).

(b) Notice shall be filed within 30 days of entering into the relationship, orders, or protocol. Notice also shall be provided within 30 days after the physician has terminated any such relationship, orders, or protocol.


The Notice requirements also apply to for when the initial referral of a patient is made by another practitioner:

4) REQUIREMENTS FOR NOTICE AND REVIEW.Upon initial referral of a patient by another practitioner, the physician receiving the referral must ensure that the patient is informed of the type of license held by the physician and the type of license held by any other practitioner who will be providing services to the patient. When scheduling the initial examination or consultation following such referral, the patient may decide to see the physician or any other licensed practitioner supervised by the physician and, before the initial examination or consultation, shall sign a form indicating the patient's choice of practitioner. The supervising physician must review the medical record of the initial examination or consultation and ensure that a written report of the initial examination or consultation is furnished to the referring practitioner within 10 business days following the completion of the initial examination or consultation.

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