Dental Law in Florida

What rules and laws apply to Florida Dentists?

All of the Florida statutes and administrative rules there are multiple statutes and administrative code that apply.  

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Chapter 466, Florida Statutes:

is the law which governs the practice of dentistry in the State of Florida.

Rule - Chapter 64B5, Florida Administrative Code:

In addition to the law, the Board promulgates rules to further define the mandate of the law.
Chapter 64B5, Florida Administrative Code, includes the rules promulgated by the
Board of Dentistry. The Board is required by law to promulgate certain rules to implement specific
mandates with Florida Statutes, Chapters 466, 455, and 120, and the Board has specific authority to promulgate other rules within these statutes so long as the rules are not inconsistent with the laws.

Chapter 456, Florida Statutes:

is the law that governs the Department of Health. Within Chapter 456, the Department's and the Board's scopes interrelate and intertwine and the Board must/may promulgate rules in order for the Department to carry pit the mandate of the law.

Chapter 120, Florida Statutes:

is the Administrative Procedures Act. The purpose of the act is to ensure that the general public has access to information regarding the functions and duties of administrative bodies, e.g. Board of Dentistry and Department of Health, whose actions may affect the interests of private citizens. Under Chapter 120, The Administration Commission (the Governor and Cabinet) has adopted model rules (Chapter 28) by which agencies are required to abide when dealing with rulemaking and hearing procedures to the extent that each agency does not adopt a specific rule of procedure covering the subject matter material contained in the model rules applicable to that agency.

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