Reasonable Attorney Fees for Physician Contract Review

If you are concerned about attorney fees for physician contract reviews, we can allay your worries.  At Mirza Healthcare Law Partners, we have special pricing for physician contract reviews.

MHL's pricing for physician contract review is $750 flat fee.

We review physician employment contracts and check for things like: (i) professional liability coverage, (ii) non-compete provisions for geography, (iii) non-compete provisions for types of services, (iv) responsibilities for billing,  (v) responsibility for maintaining patient records, (vi) compensation structure, (vii) termination clauses, (viii) release, waiver, and (ix) indemnity clauses.  With this we will provide you with our feedback of what are things to be cautious about and what we would consider deal breakers, along with proposed changes.  The $750 includes all strategy discussions, all emails, all phone consults, and proposing document changes, but it does not include negotiating with the opposing side. To understand what is included in our contract reviews, go here.  We do this for all healthcare professions, including Dentists, Chiropractors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners

MHL's Pricing for Negotiating and Revising the Physician Contracts is an additional $1,200 flat fee. 

Once you receive our review of your proposed contract, you can then decide if you want to negotiate the contract with the opposing side (employer) or if you want us to do it.  If you want us to do it, we only charge an additional $1,200 to do it for you.  

The choice of how much you want our firm's involvement is up to you.  Some find it that it works better for then to negotiate the contracts, while others want us to handle the entire process. Either way you know what your legal fees and costs are when it comes to professional employment contracts.   We do this for all healthcare professions, including Dentists, Chiropractors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners. 

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