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Healthcare System Attorneys Help Administrators with Healthcare Strategies

Healthcare Administrators often have some really great business ideas, like to add on new service lines or take a new approach, but they are often not sure how to structure it so that it passes legal thresholds and compliance. What we do is that we take those ideas, explore different avenues of how it can be accomplished, and then we set out to accomplishing it together.

Healthcare System Attorneys advise Healthcare Administrators with fast review, firm pricing and programs that allow the administrators to retain a healthcare attorney and keep in continuous consult throughout the process and at very reasonable prices.

Our hospital law firm focuses on the healthcare triangle which is not easy to navigate through. Today's requirements upon hospitals and hospital systems are mounting, from taking care of patients, keeping up with ever changing protocol, to maintaining health records and facilities, and making sure you get reimbursed fairly. Most hospitals need the help of someone with specialized knowledge about the healthcare industry, patient protocol, financial strategies, and the law. We often serve as outside counsel to inhouse counsels and can meet those needs.

If you are a healthcare company or a hospital system and have questions about any of the following:

  • Employment Agreements
  • Use of Non-Competition Covenants in Physician Employment Agreements
  • Professional Liability Insurance and Risk Management
  • Hospital Joint Ventures and Co-Management Arrangements Stark Law and Stark Law Exceptions
  • Personal Services Arrangements
  • Fair Market Value of Services Rendered
  • Rental of Office Space and Equipment, Timeshares and Leases
  • Medicare Shared Savings Programs – ACO's and ACO Waivers
  • Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol
  • Anti-Kickback Statutes and Safe Harbors
  • Civil Monetary Penalties
  • HIPAA and Privacy Rules and Regulations
  • Telemedicine
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Partnership Buy-In and Buy-Out
  • Sale and Purchase of Medical Practice
  • Tax Implications in M&A Activities, and in selection of an Entity
  • Practice Breakups and Physician Departures
  • Reimbursement of Physician Services
  • Physician-Hospital Relationships – Medical Staff
  • Hospital Privileges and Disciplinary Actions
  • Professional Liability Insurance and Risk Management
  • Physician Joint Ventures and Co-Management Arrangements
  • Use of Non-Competition Covenants in Physician Employment Agreements
  • Discrimination and Labor Law
  • Physician Recruiting Agreements
  • Hospital Ancillary Services
  • In-office/Hospital Dispensing of Drugs
  • Concierge Care
  • Inhouse Legal Counsel Overflow Work

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