Is a Physician's Resignation from Medical Staff Reportable if done under a Performance Improvement Plan

Reporting of a Physician Resignations During Performance Improvement Plans to the NPDB

In the realm of healthcare, hospitals, and medical staff privileges, maintaining the highest standards of professional competence and conduct is paramount. To this end, the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) serves as a critical repository for information on medical malpractice payments and certain adverse actions related to healthcare practitioners. One pertinent question that often arises is whether a physician's resignation while under a performance improvement plan (PIP) is reportable to the NPDB.

Understanding Reportable Circumstances

The NPDB guidelines are clear about the circumstances under which a physician's resignation becomes reportable. Specifically, a physician's resignation is reportable if it falls under any of the following scenarios:

1. Resignation While Under Investigation:

   - If a physician resigns while under investigation for issues related to professional competence or conduct, this event must be reported to the NPDB. The critical aspect here is the ongoing nature of the investigation at the time of the resignation.

2.  Resignation as a Result of an Adverse Action:

   - If a performance improvement plan itself is considered an adverse action related to the physician's professional competence or conduct, and the physician resigns while this PIP is in place, this resignation may be reportable. The essence of this criterion is that the resignation occurs within the context of an adverse action framework.

Performance Improvement Plans and Reporting

Performance improvement plans are designed to address and rectify issues related to a physician's performance, typically concerning their professional competence or conduct. If a physician decides to resign while such a plan is active, it is essential to evaluate whether the PIP is part of a broader investigation or disciplinary process.

 Under Investigation: If the PIP is part of an ongoing investigation into the physician's professional conduct or competence, the resignation is reportable.

-  Avoiding Further Action: If the physician resigns to avoid potential further investigation or disciplinary action that could stem from the PIP, this is also reportable.

The NPDB's reporting requirements serve to ensure that all relevant information about a healthcare professional's competence and conduct is available to authorized entities, thereby safeguarding the quality of care provided to patients.


In summary, a physician's resignation while under a performance improvement plan is reportable to the NPDB if it occurs during an investigation or to avoid an investigation or disciplinary action related to their professional competence or conduct. Healthcare entities must carefully assess the context of such resignations to ensure compliance with NPDB reporting requirements. Adhering to these guidelines not only fulfills legal obligations but also contributes to the overarching goal of maintaining high standards within the healthcare profession.

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