What is considered a hospital satellite facility? Withing how many yards is still considered a part of the hospital?

Hospital Satellite Facilities More than 250 Yards:

Billings done by a "hospital" are typically higher than billings rates of hospital satellite facilities, because it costs more to operate hospitals than other facilities.  If a building is more than 250 yards from the main hospital building it is considered a satellite facility.  Aggressive hospitals bill for satellite facilities that are near the main building but farther than 250 yards.  That is fraudulent billing causing insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid to pay more than what should have been paid. Each geographically separate location that is more than 250 yards from any exterior wall of the hospital's main building need a separated license filing and a fee.   Healthcare employers and healthcare whistleblowers should be on the lookout for misclassification of buildings.   

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