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We strive to make you more efficient and worry free. There are many lawyers, but there are extremely few qualified Healthcare Attorneys that truly understand what healthcare professionals are faced with each day.

Proud To Serve As Legal Counsel To The Broward County Medical Association And The Dade County Medical Association

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Important Note: If you need legal advice regarding Federal Healthcare Laws we can definitely help you, but if you need advice that is more state law specific than what is required by Federal Statutes, please advise us so we may connect you with the right legal counsel licensed in the state you are inquiring about.

About Us

At Mirza Healthcare Law Partners, we are Healthcare Strategists for Physicians!

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Times are changing and healthcare providers are getting squeezed. At Mirza | Healthcare Law Partners we help senior Healthcare Administrators, Physicians and Inhouse Legal Counsels, who are overwhelmed by the competition and economic squeeze they see coming. We protect their contractual rights and litigate if needed. We are former large healthcare institution attorneys protecting the small guys - Physician's Attorneys. Don't listen to gimmicks like "Size Matters", when it comes to healthcare law: law is much like surgery in that specific knowledge, experience and a nimble skills and strategy matters much more.  Combine those skills with personalized attention, and you have the best of all worlds.  Of course "Size Matters" if you are getting in an airplane seat or a leaf blower; but in healthcare law firms the more specific and small the more targeted and cost effective your legal counsel will be.  Large firms have payrolls to fill, they subcontract and hire professionals like us to get access to the expertise they don't have internally.

If you are a physician or a dentist, hospital, a physician management group, or medical lab looking for legal advice then you've reached the right website. Today's healthcare environment is riddled with complex issues of professionalism, market strategy and the law.

We are a proud sponsor and a valued vendor of choice for the Broward County Medical Association, and the Dade County Medical Association

From 6th century BC to present, healthcare has evolved into many specializations. Similarly, law has evolved with its own specializations. Just like you would not trust your teeth to be tended to by a podiatrist, you also should not trust your legal matters to be handled by anyone other than a “healthcare attorney.”  Although we do work in the broad spectrum of healthcare, our firm is physician-centric.

Ben Assad Mirza


About Us

Our Firm Serves Mid-to-Small Sized Healthcare Providers:

Physicians Contracting
Licensing and Medical Staff Privileges
Physicians Contracting
Collecting from Insurance Plans
Litigation – Disputes, Depositions, Whistle blower Defense
Overflow of Inhouse Counsel Work

What Makes Us Different

The NextGen of Healthcare Attorneys

Healthcare law industry is changing, and here is how. The year 2020 undoubtedly will go down in history for ushering in an enormous chapter of change in all social and economic sectors. Healthcare law is no exception. As health systems and physician organizations grapple with the economic disruption due to COVID-19, the pressure to cut legal costs is huge. Eliminating the old ways of nickel and diming buried in client billing needs to change. A fresh look at the efficient delivery of legal services is the answer.

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For Personalized Attention Of Legal Counsel

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If you are a physician, nurse, dentist, pharmacist, hospital, physician group, or medical lab looking for legal advice then you’ve reached the right site. Today’s healthcare environment is riddled with complex issues of professionalism, market strategy, and the law. Contact us now!


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