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Fidelity National Title - UCCPlus Policy - What does it cover?

Posted by Ben Mirza | Apr 16, 2024

### A Landmark Decision in Broward County: MEP Costa HPO, LLC v. Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

 In a significant ruling on August 15, 2023, the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Court in Broward County, Florida, presided over by Judge Marina Garcia-Wood, denied a motion to dismiss filed by Fidelity National Title Insurance Company ("Fidelity") in the case of MEP Costa HPO, LLC v. Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, Case No: CACE22-011477. Although a motion to dismiss is not dispositive of all the issues in the case, this decision underscores critical aspects of contract interpretation and the scope of mezzanine insurance policy coverage (a UCC Plus Policy is similar to a Eagle 9 Policy by American Title), particularly in the realm of real estate and secured transactions.

 The crux of the dispute revolved around MEP Costa HPO, LLC's ("MEP Costa") Amended Complaint against Fidelity, alleging breach of contract and seeking a declaratory judgment. MEP Costa claimed that Fidelity failed to honor its UCCPlus mezzanine insurance policy obligations, resulting in a loss due to the transfer of property interests by Costa Hollywood Property Owner, LLC ("CHPO") to 777 N. Ocean Drive 2 LLC. MEP Costa's contention centered on Fidelity's refusal to acknowledge the transfer as a covered loss under a UCC Plus mezzanine insurance policy, which insured MEP Costa's security interests in the Costa Hollywood Development Holdings, LLC ("CHDH"), including CHPO's 100% interest.

Judge Garcia-Wood's decision meticulously dissected the arguments, focusing on the "four corners" of the complaint and its attachments. The Court found that the policy, when read in conjunction with the loan documents, did not unambiguously exclude CHPO's interests from coverage. The ruling emphasized the importance of considering the entirety of the contractual framework, noting that the policy and the loan documents, especially with regard to the definitions and descriptions of "pledged company interests," left room for interpretation as to whether CHPO was covered under the policy.

This decision is particularly noteworthy for several reasons. First, it reaffirms the principle that the interpretation of mezzanine insurance policies, especially in complex transactions, requires a careful and holistic examination of all related documents. Second, it signals to lenders and mezzanine insurance providers alike the necessity of clear and precise language in their agreements to avoid ambiguity in coverage scope. Lastly, the ruling exemplifies the judiciary's reluctance to dismiss cases at the early stages when substantial questions of contract interpretation are present, favoring a more thorough examination at later stages of litigation.

 The MEP Costa v. Fidelity decision is a stark reminder of the complexities inherent in real estate development financing and the critical role mezzanine insurance policies play in protecting the interests of the parties involved. As this case progresses, it will undoubtedly serve as a reference point for similar disputes, highlighting the need for clarity, precision, and foresight in drafting and interpreting contractual documents.

 Here is the link to the actual Broward County Court Docket:

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